Installing an LROSE Source Release (Linux)

  1. prepare
  2. install
  3. verify

Choose an install directory (prefix location)

The default is: /usr/local/lrose

Check out, build and install netcdf


Install netcdf into the prefix location.

Prepare build directory

Create a directory for the distribution:

mkdir lrose_build
cd lrose_build

Download source release for Linux

Download the source tar file from:

A typical source release would be:


Untar it

cd lrose_build
tar xvfz lrose-20160823.src.tgz

The distribution will be unpacked into a subdirectory:


Run the build scripts:

cd lrose_build/lrose-20160823.src
./ --prefix installDir

The default prefix is /usr/local/lrose.

This will install in:


Verify the installation

The build checks are run automatically at the end of the build script.

However, you also can run the checks independently:

After the build, you can check the build as follows:

./installDir/bin/RadxPrint -h
./installDir/bin/RadxConvert -h

Handling build errors

If the build does not complete successfully, you will need to track down the errors. It is the first errors in the build that are the most important.

If you get errors, go into the directory giving problems, and run the make as follows:

make |& less

and scroll for errors.

Alternatively, run

make >& make.log

and then inspect the make.log file.